Company History

August 7th, 2008. Crane Worldwide Logistics opened for business with a group of former senior EGL executives, including founder Jim Crane, with a vision to become a global player in the competitive global freight management and contract logistics services sector.

Fast-forward 5 years later and Crane Worldwide has very quickly grown to over $470 million in revenues with over 100 locations in 27 countries. Expansion continues through 2013 at an aggressive pace and will continue through 2014.


About US

Crane Worldwide is dedicated to becoming the industry’s premier global provider of customized transportation and logistics services by delivering innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions. Our solutions create strategic value and a competitive edge for our global customers; while providing a challenging and rewarding work environment for our greatest asset, our own employees.


We make your business smarter.  We provide transparency to your global supply chain.  We provide the best service in the industry.   These are the reasons why we are growing — because we challenge the norm.  When Crane Worldwide was formed in 2008, we were convinced that superior people coupled with game-changing technology would transform the industry.

Disrupting an old industry where innovation is rare has been a difficult task.  But our team embraces this challenge and does this by living  by our 5 value propositions : 1. ) Our People, 2.) Our Service Execution, 3.) Our Information Technology, 4.) Our Compliance & Quality, and 5.) Our Account Management.

Company Philosophy

Our company was built on the belief that we challenge the norm through our five Crane Worldwide value propositions: Our People, Our Service Execution, Our Information Technology, Our Compliance & Quality Programs, and Our Account Management.

Since our founding, Crane Worldwide Logistics has employed our logistical strengths to connect people, businesses and regions throughout the world. Working together for the common good, management and employees strive actively to improve the quality of life for people around the world. We solve logistics problems, delivering the highest attention to detail in the provision of our core competencies in domestic and international freight transportation, integrated warehouse and distribution management, logistics and information technology.

Customer Needs Come First. We understand the business as well as the needs of our customers. Our top priority is handling their requests. Customer satisfaction is monitored within each station and analyzed corporately, with results demonstrating superior performance and repeated use of our services.

Environmental Manifest

Crane Worldwide, under our Crane Cares initiative continually strives to conduct our business in a manner that is beneficial to our people and our planet, doing so in a manner that is a genuine force for change.

Crane Cares focuses on three distinct pathways to helping others.

Green Worldwide: Our focus on environmental issues and sustainability.
Give WorldwideOur focus on helping our people and the communities where we do business.
Live Well Worldwide: Our focus on employee health and wellness.

Join us as we tackle challenges and adventures, working to make a difference. Even very small efforts combine to bring great results.